How should the stationmaster maintain a good state of mind

I’m your old friend, "Chutian Webmaster Station" Webmaster: hair etc, today and you talk how the owners should keep a good state of mind to do. 2010 is almost over, 1 years have passed quickly. Your site how to do? How about the world rankings? Baidu keyword weight and how? QQ exchange group heard a lot of stationmaster people do not go, sell some source program to give up, some stations, the site does not update the article. Web site operators do not go, I can only say that everyone’s mind is a problem, to solve this problem, I just want to note here some bad mentality:

a bogey too quickly, some owners is impatient, the site after the stop to send links, engage in the promotion, write soft brush, even IP and so on, a shovel is not dug a well, do slowly, step by step, is consistent with the SEO logic, you stick to original articles the article sent to their own station. Hold on for half a year, you will see your website ranking, do website is not three, five years can make many things, the well-known websites are persistent for a long time,


two not too greedy, do it step by step, an important cause of the decline in November is Baidu keywords to edge algorithm, do the Webmaster Station website innumerable, as long as the search on Baidu a lot, do some station can be more traffic, better make advertising, so I want to ask you: how many people rely on advertising alliance profit? Do a good website to browse the guests not to retain? Engage in so many image ads, text ads, popups, finally see your experience with website advertising;

bogey too lazy, the site doesn’t update is a dead station. The manually add a few days later, began the mass collection of articles, and so on, but also on the website keywords ranking to? Some things still have hands-on would be better than others, diligent, often concerned about Baidu index, concerned about the network of new things, to optimize keywords, but also adhere to the hair chain promotion and so on to


avoid too blow, some Adsense website only for half a year, began to blow himself how to profit, how the flow of how great, so what? Everyone else can find your real flow. Website or down-to-earth, good life should be like this,


avoid too complex, there are many webmaster, the network also fought for a few years, what the results are not the same? And a story in our childhood, a monkey lost watermelon picking corn, corn picking peaches lost story, webmaster too, make the movie station tomorrow today, navigation station, do the day after tomorrow search site, after a few days to do news portals, in short to see people doing what station do your own, seems to make the entire network of the station to do the same again, we have to know that we are a person ah, how do not come to the end, you must be a the station are not ready! Or concentrate on one or two stations of good

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