Baidu, you make me so worried

today also received a Baidu phone, this is the fourth time, let me do the bidding of the Chengyang real estate network promotion, I am very worried, had heard that this is the Baidu K precursor station, I’m just a small vast Internet webmaster, why you find me.

I of the Chengyang real estate network in October last year started, and then kept in stationmaster net search engine ranking learning knowledge, do code optimization, as the pseudo original, adhere to constantly update the news every day, just from Baidu included, now "Chengyang real estate, Chengyang real estate and some relevant keywords ranking to the first until now, the development of a small Chengyang area every day to more than 100 IP, which are attributed to me in stationmaster net learning.

most of the owners are very clear mind your own website IP source, which makes us these small webmaster feelings for Baidu have mixed feelings, I think most should be grateful for it, at least I have always been grateful to Baidu, we have been accustomed to "problems, looking for Baidu, our website IP also come from Baidu. This lets these poor small saves a lot of expenses, but when Baidu salesman began attacking the telephone to you I do not know what, at least I now the mood is disturbed.

is the first ranking is the root of this station can not afford, then when we have very good rankings do when bidding for us as well as the value of


wrote these, the heart is still disturbed, the brothers grumble about it. Amitabha, I hope it will not be K

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