Driving through a car is ultimately a competition of pictures

to play through the car, in fact, still doing visual marketing, in the final analysis is the competition of pictures, when you picture the ultimate, click rate, quality, conversion rate is a logical thing. And how should this picture be designed, or how to play it,


train first is a system project, that is to say do the train promotion need to have strong logical thinking ability, when you cut the principle behind the numbers are clear, do promotion when the idea will open up, the operation is handy.

to do the promotion before the election models were tested, each 3 to 5 a test on the same platform, after 1-3 days after the test, the click rate is high, the amount of collection, conversion rate is high can be used as a focus on the promotion of the payment.


do this work, in order to clear a few questions, the consumer groups have what characteristics? For example to what age, consumption ability is not strong, there is no division of the region and so on, these are listed for finishing. And then find out the selling point of the product. For example, this paragraph of chiffon fabric is very breathable, is one of the selling point, you can according to this selling point to design pictures. Copy content can be: Breathing Pearl chiffon. According to the characteristics of chiffon to set the corresponding keywords, this kind of keywords can be set up as a plan to promote. The second selling point is the European and American style, and this is related to noble, temperament, big names and other attributes, you can set the keyword targeted, but also to make a plan alone. By setting up keywords in this way, there will be no repetition of the situation, and later in the picture to test the click rate when more targeted.

many people have put forward the concept of "golden parking space" after the actual operation, that is, the best position of the first page hits is 1 to 4, then 10 to 12, and the second page is 16, 22, and so on. But in 5 years of operating experience of the old riders look, the picture design is good or bad is directly affect the click through rate of the most important factors, ranking instead accounted for secondly. The specific method of operation is: the straight through the car’s 8 plans all open, according to the train of thought just now set the key words, the design of the picture and key words highly matching. For example, outstanding breathable fabric, picture copy is breathing pearl chiffon, then show the details of the plan, if buyers see this picture will have a click desire, but through this selection into a single product page buyers will jump loss rate is relatively low, but also to achieve the purpose of accurate delivery. This generalization model solves the conversion rate. In order to improve the hit rate, is to design a creative pictures, such as some train copy is this: picky husband says, or no spot please do not buy and so on, through the text of those not accurate flow are filtered out, and this creative copywriter will give consumers click on the natural desire, can increase the click rate.

because the number of transactions in the through train is free

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