Strengthening the standardization construction of the city supply and marketing cooperatives and pro

  in recent years, supply and marketing cooperatives in support of the provincial supply and marketing cooperatives and municipal government, the State Council document No. 40 and green political [2010]100 file as a guide, in accordance with the requirements of socialist new countryside construction, based on the supply and marketing cooperatives advantages and resources, to standardize the construction as a means to supply and marketing cooperatives circulation the development of network as a link, to enhance the vitality and competitiveness of professional cooperatives, enhance the power and influence, promote rural prosperity, agricultural development and farmers’ income. read more

The province’s first combination of medical and nursing services demonstration project started

recently, our province’s first 13th Five-Year "plan of medical support combined with the type of pension service demonstration project — Xining City medical pension rehabilitation service center in the west district started construction. The project total investment of 279 million yuan, the construction area of 15 thousand and 300 square meters, the design of medical care of 449 beds, can provide living, health education, health care, rehabilitation training, mental comfort and cultural and recreational services for the elderly. The project started on the implementation of the provincial government on promoting the deployment of health care and pension services combined to promote healthy aging is of great significance. read more

Xining New Year’s day around the city emblem collection work has come to an end

Winter winter warriors experience the Yellow River water

1 7, the seventh session of the "railway Cup" Chinese · Qinghai International Winter crossing the the Yellow River ultimate challenge elite athletes in Qinghai Guide the Yellow River River water. January 8th, the opening ceremony of the event will be held in the grand final will be shot in the coast of the Yellow River.

Guide in the winter, because winter swimming athletes arrive, add a lot of excitement. On the streets to see many tourists crossing the the Yellow River tournament held in particular have made inquiries about. Domestic, provincial media reporters have been looking for the best shooting location. read more

To be the vanguard of the work style construction

In February 25th, the municipal government office of the party’s mass line educational practice officially started, the mobilization of all Party members and cadres through education, revealing problems, establish a new system of three aspects, highlighting the characteristics of good educational practice, striving to be the vanguard of the style construction of the city authorities.

reporter learned from the mobilization meeting, the municipal government office conscientiously implement the central, provincial and municipal deployment, earnestly study and implement educational practice. First, the municipal government office to study education as a key task in a prominent position, especially to organize some suitable for the municipal government office practical lectures, seminars, exchanges and other activities. Secondly, to carry out educational practice in the occasion, the municipal government office closely around the theme of the people honest and pragmatic, take a variety of ways, seriously investigate and analyze the "four winds" problem, and consciously accept supervision by the masses, actively eliminate the disadvantages of style, scale behavior. read more

Qinghai oilfield employees live in a small apartment

"In the depths of Gobi, in the workover production line, not really to live in such a good condition on the mobile board room, TV, Internet, also be able to take a bath, not inferior to star hotel configuration, we call it" mobile apartment "!" In December 4th, the downhole operation company of Qinghai oilfield production brigade of the British East Block monitor Martin Biao cheerily told reporters, and led reporters to visit a new decorative board mobile employees live. The oil and gas production units in Qinghai oil field are in the deep part of the Qaidam basin. The company measures for operation of underground frontline staff will work hard in the first year, due to limited conditions, poor accommodation, live in cold winter, the mobile board room is extremely hot in the summer, in the depths of Gobi, the staff of amateur cultural life is very scarce. In order to improve the production and living conditions of the first line staff, and embody the people-oriented management concept, the downhole operation company entrusts the oil field machinery factory to design and make the outdoor workers’ houses. The design of the board room area of about 27 square meters, from the world to the standard room for the 2, with a cable, desk, etc., comfortable, spacious. First line staff in order to enrich the amateur cultural life, oil company unions and allocated special funds, the configuration of the 150 TV sets, bookcases for downhole operation company culture field staff dormitory, and the allotment of the large books, newspapers and magazines, and enrich the cultural life of employees in the field.   read more

Xining more than 1000 virtues of juvenile hot launch furnace

reporter in May 15th from Xining city by virtue of youth star review committee learned that at the moment, three county municipal schools, four district board of education and the schools struggle to push around by virtue of youth activities has entered the white hot climax, many schools and even expand the virtues of youth "elected PK contest, who elected the" virtue the number of juvenile "more, more touching deeds, some district level by virtue of youth lively activities…… According to preliminary statistics, the city’s schools have been recommended virtue youth candidates up to more than 1000 people, so that the virtues of the young, the story of the mountain quickly. read more

The province’s efforts to solve the problem of non registered permanent residence registration

8 month 19 days, the reporter learned from the provincial public security department, since this year, the province’s public security organs household security departments at all levels to conscientiously implement the "Office of the State Council on the settlement of non registered accounts personnel issues" spirit, make great efforts to solve the problem of no account registration account. Up to now, the province’s public security organs in total Mopai no 2867 people, after investigation and verification, has settled the problem settled for the 1627. read more

Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department held the province’s second news media uncompiled ed

In December 18th, the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department held a week of the province’s second news media uncompiled editing business backbone courses of satisfactory completion, the news media a total of 54 people participated in the training.

the training based on absorbing first training experience, focus on close to the actual work of elaborate organization, invited the provincial Party committee propaganda department leaders of the relevant offices responsible person, part of the provincial senior media reporter and editor, respectively, under the new situation of the ideological work of public opinion guidance, the fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee and the twelve session of the provincial Party committee ten plenary session of the spirit, "the four overall strategic layout, in the ideological field, wrong thought of Internet management and guidance and Marx’s concept of news, traditional media and new media integration development, news commentary writing, publicity and ideological cadres of the basic ability and quality of the knowledge of special counseling. Teachers with their own experiences and practical work, with detailed examples of their own experiences, focusing on the correct guidance of public opinion, news theme choice and creation methods are simple and vivid teaching.
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