Man who wrote ‘IRA’ in Garda station with own faeces jailed for 8 months

first_imgA man who wrote ‘IRA’ in large letters on a Garda station cell with his own faeces has been jailed for a total of eight months.Joseph Colhoun appeared at Letterkenny District Court charged with a series of offences. The charges included assaulting Gardai, damaging a van, damaging a Garda cell, breaking neighbour’s windows, being intoxicated and assault.The offences all happened between last September and February of this year when Colhoun’s addiction to alcohol spiralled out of control.The court was told by Colhoun’s solicitor Frank Dorrian that his client had lost so many people who had meant so much to him.He initially lost his mother in 2012 to cancer and she had been his guiding light.However, the loss of his brother and then his father Ruby following two separate tragedies when they both drowned in the same stretch of the River Mourne was too much for him to take.Mr Dorrian said “He has been on a collision course and his ideation in recent times has been very dark and unwelcome and he has attempted self-harm.”However, he added that since being in custody he has tried to turn his life around and has been attending bereavement counselling and plans to attend an alcohol rehabilitation centre when he gets out of prison.“He had been utterly and hopelessly out of control but he is a different man today. He is genuinely contrite and is in a better frame of mind,” he added.Garda Sgt Gerard Dalton outlined the litany of offences against the father-of-four of Beechwood Grove, Lifford who already had 43 previous convictions before these charges.The first offence happened on September 1st last year when he was caught swinging a hammer above his head outside his former partner’s house.Gardai arrived and tried to calm him down but he became violent and struck one of them with his head and threatened to bite and headbutt another when arrested.When taken to Letterkenny Gada station he smeared the letters IRA in large writing on the cell wall with his faeces.He was also charged with breaking into a local psychiatric institution where his brother was being treated on March 4th last and then attacking a stranger’s van causing €1,691 worth of damage for no reason.On February 17th he attacked staff at Daly’s Filling Station in Lifford because they would not serve him alcohol at 5.30am.A letter written by Colhoun was handed into Judge Paul Kelly to read.Passing sentence and jailing Colhoun for eight months, Judge Kelly remarked “I hear where you are coming from but the number of offences you have committed, the injury and damage you have caused to a number of people has made it impossible for me to deal with this in any other way than with a custodial sentence.“I will leave you some hope for the future when you do get out.”Man who wrote ‘IRA’ in Garda station with own faeces jailed for 8 months was last modified: April 26th, 2019 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:courtdonegalfaecesGardajailJoseph Colhounletterkennystationlast_img read more

Help for homeless children

first_imgJanine ErasmusStreet children in South Africa face an uncertain future. With no more shelter than a cardboard box and a newspaper, and with the danger of exploitation, disease, hunger and thirst, injury and even death never far away, these youngsters often have to resort to a life of crime just to survive – and in our crime-ridden society there is not much sympathy for their plight.Fortunately there are several agencies and organisations working towards giving street kids a better life, one of which is the UK-based Pegasus Children’s Trust (PCT). It is run by Judy Westwater who was herself once a homeless child living on the streets of South Africa, so she understands better than most what children such as these endure, and what they need.Motivated by her own harrowing experiences and determined to extract meaning out of them and apply it to her life today, Westwater set up the PCT in 1991 with the vision of improving the lot of street kids, giving them a better quality of life, and helping to restore their sense of self-worth. Now resident in Inverness, Scotland, she is a frequent visitor to South Africa and to date seven centres have been opened across the country to provide homeless children with essential facilities that most people take for granted – shelter, food, and clothes.In a previous interview with a Scottish newspaper, she said, “We have taken 4 000 children off the streets since 1991, but there are so many more that need help. Without our help, they will just die. We are trying very hard to open the world’s eyes to what the problems are. These kids are looked at by many and seen by no one. People believe that street kids are a problem for someone else, but when they are just children, they are a problem for us all.”Not only does the PCT care for homeless children but it also schools them and helps them train for jobs and find work, encouraging and equipping them to ultimately move into their own accommodation and stand on their own feet in the world. Children of all ages are taken in, and the project has a 90% success rate.“We have many successful stories,” Westwater says. “It can be something as small as a child totally insular and terrified on first contact, after much care running to hug me with a huge smile on their face. Or it could be a struggling youngster trying desperately to fulfil potentials and goals and becoming downhearted at the response from blinkered individuals – but never losing faith and still working hard.“One example is my student Puleng Mabaya, a vulnerable child from Soweto who wants so badly to be a special lighting and theatre technician. I have been working alongside Puleng and now, to cut a long story short, she is in Glasgow and is attending Glasgow’s prestigious Drama College for three years on a scholarship. My charity is paying all her other expenses. So success comes in a variety of ways.”Music and dramaOne of Westwater’s weapons in the fight to help homeless children is arts and culture. Art forms such as music and drama can cut through barriers put up by even the most deeply wounded souls, and for children who are unable to respond to conventional forms of communication she has used the principles of drama to develop a method of reaching out to them and penetrating their suffering. Drama is an extremely valuable form of self-expression and can be a powerful outlet for pain and strong emotion, while at the same time offering a therapeutic and creative way for children to have fun, work together, act out their fears and sorrows, and explore their individuality.Another of her current projects is the creation of a “junk orchestra” for the children. This will see them playing on instruments made with their own hands from discarded rubbish, proving to them that even out of rubbish, beauty can be created – an analogy that can be applied to their own rough existences. It is her dream to see the orchestra perform at two of the greatest sporting events in the world – the 2010 Fifa World Cup, hosted by South Africa, and the 2012 Olympics in London.She says, “Our plans for the junk orchestra are firstly for the kids to have fun. These kids will be chosen from the street child projects I am involved with in Hillbrow and also Langa in Cape Town. My mission is to help keep burning bright the flame of love and hope within each street child; and to help open the world’s eyes to the plight of its forgotten street children.“Street kids believe they are rubbish – easily used, easily discarded. I want to show them and the rest of the world that rubbish can be looked at in another way. As I say to the kids, if you can make music out of rubbish, there is nothing in this world you cannot achieve.”The children will obtain their materials from scrapyards and will be looking for the likes of hubcaps, tyres, exhaust pipes, washing machine parts – in fact, anything that makes a sound.“We will teach them how to make the musical instruments,” explains Westwater. “The kids then will make their own music along with lessons from our music teacher. We have 10 of our most vulnerable kids taking music lessons with the Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra (JPO) and it is hoped that these kids will eventually form the backbone of the junk orchestra. Plans are that the orchestra will play at the 2010 opening ceremony, and then we will take them over to London and share the stage with our vulnerable London kids for the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics.”She hopes the JPO and the Royal Philharmonic will join forces and give the young musicians professional support during their musical journey.Years of neglectWestwater’s own story began in Manchester, England, when at the age of three she was taken to live with her deranged father – ironically, he was a preacher – and his girlfriend. For the next two years he seriously neglected her, often locking the child in the back garden for extended periods and leaving her with no choice but to scavenge for sustenance, although the façade he presented to the community was that of a loving family man. Barely out of toddlerhood, she was put into an orphanage that was unimaginably strict and presented her with just as dismal a life – and it wasn’t long before she found herself back with her father.Later the family moved to South Africa but the situation did not improve and the unhappy child even ran away to join the circus and spent several weeks with them before her father tracked her down and dragged her away.She had to wait until she was 12 before an opportunity came to escape her father’s cruelty. In the early 60s in apartheid South Africa it was unthinkable that a little white girl should be homeless, but the streets of Hillbrow, Johannesburg, were to be her home for the next few years. She found some employment in cafes and this enabled her to scrape together enough money to take her back to England. In the meantime she had made a promise to herself that was to bear fruit in years to come.“I made a pledge at the age of 12, as a street child, that one day I would go back and help change things for kids like me. This has been my lifelong passion, the very existence of my soul. I will do anything to aid the desperate plight of as many street children I can.“I am fully aware of the physical, material and spiritual trauma each child faces on a daily basis. And who better to help them find the tiniest flickers of positive lights and then to hold their hands as they find the right keys to open their own doors, than someone who has been there alone?”After her return to the country of her birth she married and raised a family, and became a teacher of drama and theatre arts, opening a group of drama schools in England. Her husband died in 1991 – without knowing anything about her ordeal as a child – and left her a small legacy, which she used without hesitation to take a step towards fulfilling her pledge and opening the first Pegasus Trust Centre in South Africa’s largest township, Soweto, west of Johannesburg.Revealing the secretWanting to protect her family from her past, she had kept the truth of her abysmal upbringing from everyone in her life until a friend persuaded her to reveal her secret, which she did on national radio in 2004. Since then her heart-wrenching story and her work have come to the attention of millions around the world. In 2006 her memoir, titled Street Kid, was published. The book reveals her traumatic childhood years and was a bestseller across the globe.Her new book, titled Street Kid Fights on: She Thought the Nightmare Was Over, is due for release in early 2008. “This book really covers my life from where Street Kid left off – the difficult times I had and the way I finally found myself and was able to work on the projects in South Africa.”In 2002 there were 250 000 children living on the streets of South Africa, according to a document published by South African representatives attending the Civil Society Forum for East and Southern Africa on Promoting and Protecting the Rights of Street Children – organised by the UK-based Consortium for Street Children.Ongoing factors such as poverty, overcrowding at home, and the increasing scourge of AIDS, which leaves children orphaned and having to fend for themselves, continue to push up the numbers. Through Westwater’s work many of these children who may otherwise have been doomed to an unthinkable way of life or even an early death have been given a chance to make something of their lives.Do you have queries or comments about this article? Email Janine Erasmus at [email protected] linksStreet Kid websiteTwilight ChildrenI CareOthandweniThe Consortium for Street Childrenlast_img read more

Kenya’s wildlife migrates to the internet

first_img14 January 2016The #KenyaLive project offers real-time online safaris in the country’s unparalleled Mara nature reserve and live dives to view its coastal underwater treasures. The initiative is a continuation of the successful #MaraLive broadcasts – the first live internet feed of the great wildebeest migration.A male lion walks across grassland at daybeak in the Naboisho Conservancy. Image by @SpriceWildology #KenyaLive— HerdTracker (@HerdTracker) January 13, 2016The projects are run by Make It Kenya tourism company and Herdtracker conservation organisation. The live feeds use a combination of innovative drone and digital photography and Twitter’s Periscope live broadcast app, giving viewers around the world unique access to some of the most exciting and rare animal behaviours.The #KenyaLive project consists of 50 live broadcasts held over 11 days, ending on 18 January 2016. Edited broadcasts will also be made available after the live dates on the Make It Kenya and Herdtracker social media channels.Amani & her cubs walk past a safari vehicle in the Olare Motorogi Conservancy. Image by @SpriceWildology #KenyaLive— HerdTracker (@HerdTracker) January 11, 2016The #KenyaLive broadcast team, including safari experts Carel Verhoef and Andre Van Kets of, uses other cutting edge filming technology – including the Starlight nightvision camera, underwater periscope cameras and a uniquely immersive 360-degree video. The exclusive content is available to view on mobile phones, tablets or computers via the Periscope app and direct on the Make It Kenya website and social media pages.A family of cheetah – mother and her three cubs – in the Olare Motorogi Conservancy, Kenya. #KenyaLive— HerdTracker (@HerdTracker) January 9, 2016Recordings of the first of the broadcasts filmed from 7 to 13 January 2016 offer an unprecedented view of the lions in the Olare Motorogi and Naboisho Conservancies of the Maasai Mara, both during the day and at night.LIVE on #Periscope: Romeo back with his pride, 14 in total #KenyaLive— HerdTracker (@HerdTracker) January 12, 2016From 14 to 18 January, the #KenyaLive team is in the coastal town of Watamu and is hosting live broadcasts of the Local Ocean Trust project, including the world’s first live underwater broadcasts.The trust is responsible for the rescue of sea turtles caught in fishing nets. One of the broadcasts during the week will involve live turtle-cam footage captured via a GoPro action camera strapped to a turtle’s back. Viewers might even be able to see dolphins in the area during a live stand up paddle-board broadcast.Spread the word! #KenyaLive launches on 7 January, w/ @HerdTracker & @WondersofWatamu #Kenya— MakeItKenya (@MakeItKenya) January 5, 2016Viewers can watch recordings and live broadcasts using the Periscope app on the HerdTracker’s channel. Updates of the broadcasts will also be posted to Make It Kenya’s Facebook and Twitter, and HerdTracker’s Twitter and Facebook pages.A male lion walks across grassland at daybeak in the Naboisho Conservancy. Image by @SpriceWildology #KenyaLive— HerdTracker (@HerdTracker) January 13, 2016Source: News24Wirelast_img read more

Tom Herman’s Wife Sets Twitter On Fire After Peach Bowl Win

first_imgTexas head coach tom herman watches during the sugar bowlNEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA – JANUARY 01: Head coach Tom Herman of the Texas Longhorns looks on during the second half of the Allstate Sugar Bowl against the Georgia Bulldogs at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on January 01, 2019 in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)Houston coach Tom Herman may be the hottest coaching commodity in the country after leading the Cougars to an upset victory over Florida State in the Peach Bowl on Thursday, but his wife Michelle might have attracted her own set of suitors after the contest. Michelle Herman’s Twitter mentions skyrocketed after she was shown live on ESPN.There are thousands of tweets – you can guess why.Mrs. Tom Herman— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) December 31, 2015If Tom Herman’s wife cheated on me I would apologize to her— BMOC (@TailgateC9) December 31, 2015Tom Herman’s wife is proof he can recruit. Hubba hubba— Brandon #GoBucks (@fierybuckeye) December 31, 2015Y’all see Tom Herman’s wife? Lawd have mercy— Max Thompson (@itsmaxthompson) December 31, 2015Did @UHouston name their mascot after Head Coach Tom Herman’s wife? Daaang!!! #Cougars @ESPNCFB— Kacey Brown (@KaceBrown) December 31, 2015Tom Herman’s wife….straight up hottie.— Matt (@gatriguy) December 31, 2015Tom Herman’s wife. It’s fair to say the man is winning both on and off the field.— Donny (@DonnyTello50) December 31, 2015Lol Tom Herman’s wife finna break twitter. You guys make me laugh.— Chad (@ChadSpringer) December 31, 2015Life isn’t so bad for Tom Herman right now.last_img read more

Backstreet Boys AJ McLean Wants Us To All Live Together

first_imgBackstreet Boys member AJ McLean has released a powerful new music video for his new song, “Live Together.”Video: AJ McLean – Live Together ft. Jordan JamesMcLean partnered with friend and songwriter Jordan James (Lady Gaga, Becky G) to produce this meaningful new track after becoming fed up with all the negativity in the world today.The video, directed by Jordan James, tackles the tough social issues of racism, homophobia, and police brutality. McLean even enlisted the “Backstreet Army” to help make the video come together over it’s three day shoot at Disney’s Golden Oak Ranch.In addition, all proceeds from the song will go to McLean’s recently launched Live Together Foundation (LFT). Thanks to donations from the Backstreet Army fans, LFT was able to help a Pasadena high school fix it’s vandalized music room.For more info on the Live Together Foundation, click here.last_img read more

Mens Basketball Former Ohio State guard JaQuan Lyle to reportedly transfer to

Former Ohio State guard JaQuan Lyle will play basketball for New Mexico beginning in 2018-19. He will sit out his first year, per NCAA . Credit: Mason Swires | Former Assistant Photo EditorMonths after junior guard JaQuan Lyle quit Ohio State’s men’s basketball team, he has reportedly found a new home. Lyle is headed west to play for and attend New Mexico, according to will have to sit out the 2017-18 season, per NCAA transfer rules, since he has not graduated. Lyle was arrested and charged for three misdemeanors – public intoxication, criminal mischief to a vehicle and disorderly conduct – May 13. Later that day, an Ohio State spokesman told The Lantern Lyle had quit the team April 11.Tuesday evening, Ohio State coach Chris Holtmann told season ticket-holders that he did not expect Lyle to return to Ohio State. He said he consulted the players on a decision about whether to entertain Lyle’s return.“We’ve also involved our entire team in some of those decisions that were made,” Holtmann said. “Obviously they were here and I wasn’t.”Last season, Lyle averaged 11.4 points per contest and led the Buckeyes with 142 assists in 31 games, including 24 starts. He was the final player from Ohio State’s 2015 recruiting class on the Buckeyes’ roster. Now, all five are enrolled and playing at different universities.Lyle isn’t the only former Ohio State men’s basketball player in the state. A.J. Harris, who was also a member of the Buckeyes’ 2015 recruiting class, transferred to New Mexico State after the 2015-16 season and will be eligible to play this upcoming season. read more

Football Ohio State players and coaches respond to McMurphy report

Ohio State defensive coordinator Greg Schiano gives junior defensive end Jonathon Cooper (18) a high-five as he comes off the field in the fourth quarter of the game against Michigan State on Nov. 10. Ohio State won 26-6. Credit: Casey Cascaldo | Photo EditorGreg Schiano had things to talk about heading into the Maryland game. The Ohio State defensive coordinator discussed his defense’s improvement on limiting missed tackles, the play of sophomore safety Brendon White, the stability of the linebacker position and the return of redshirt senior Dante Booker. But there was something he knew he had to address. According to a report by Brett McMurphy, a staff writer from Stadium, Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer covered up a verbal altercation between former wide receivers coach Zach Smith and former wide receiver Trevon Grimes that allegedly took place during a practice in September 2017. The report stated that Smith had used racial slurs when speaking to Grimes, leading to his transfer to Florida in December 2017.  When asked about this, Schiano wanted to make something perfectly clear. “One thing I learned a long time ago in coaching is Saturday is going to come,” Schiano said. “Whatever time kickoff, this week, it’s noon. Noon is coming. Whether you are ready or not, nobody cares.” That does not mean the players and the coaching staff are ignoring the allegations made in this report. Meyer said in the Big Ten Coaches Teleconference Tuesday that he was “irate” and the players were “over-the-top irate” when they heard about the report. “They were extremely upset that that kind of accusation would be made about something that is absolutely not tolerated, and quite honestly, the most preposterous thing I ever heard being involved in college athletics,” he said. Ohio State offensive coordinator Ryan Day echoed Meyer’s feelings from the teleconference, saying, “all of that stuff is foolishness.” But he said the team came out Tuesday and practiced like it always did.  However, for the offensive coordinator, he saw there were clearly things on the minds of the players and the coaching staff. “Today was just one of those things where a lot of people were just shaking their head like they don’t quite understand where that all comes from,” Day said. “But this team is strong. This team is galvanized from a lot of different reasons, but yeah, this would be another example of that.” This is something Day is used to. He was the interim head coach for Meyer when he was placed on paid administrative leave on Aug. 1 and through the first three games of the season when Meyer was suspended after reports claimed he knew about domestic violence allegations made against Smith. Smith was dismissed from the program on July 23. He said, despite the off-the-field storylines Ohio State has gone through, it has not bothered the team, giving credit to the culture and the leadership of its captains. But the players did not stay quiet when the report was released. “There are a lot of guys that are angry about that,” Day said. “You can tell right when it happened. People came out and said a lot of stuff and denied any of that stuff, but I think in this situation here, everybody was just kind of appalled by the whole thing.”  Ohio State redshirt senior wide receivers Parris Campbell and Johnnie Dixon were quick to rally support against the report, saying they witnessed the altercation between Smith and Grimes and the report of the use of a racial slur was false. “You think a group of African American young men will sit there and let something like this happen?” Dixon said in a tweet. “Say what you want but this isn’t true at all.” When asked about the report, junior defensive end Jonathon Cooper stated his allegiance to Ohio State and the football program. “All I have to say to that is I love my teammates, I love this university,” Cooper said. “I know we have good people here and good guys and it’s a really great program.”  There are players and coaches angry in response to McMurphy’s report. But Schiano said, with the formula Meyer has set up in the Ohio State football program, it takes an extreme situation to “break you out of your routine.” The defensive coordinator said the best way to deflect attention about the report is to not get involved because, he said, there are bigger things to worry about. According to Schiano, there is a difference in this report and the allegations made in it from McMurphy. But when Saturday arrives, it does not matter. “On Saturday at noon, nobody cares about that,” Schiano said. “All they care about is do we do our job and do we win the game. So you can get distracted, but get ready because you are going to get it a week from now.” read more

These Noise-Cancelling Headphones Are on Sale for Over 30% Off

first_img This $500 SEO Tool Is Only $24 TodayThis Easy-to-Fly LED Drone Performs Acrobatic Moves Stay on target AirPods may be the greatest thing since sliced bread, but they lack one essential feature that prevents them from achieving perfection: noise cancellation. You can crank them up all you want, but if you’re in a noisy place, you’re not gonna hear everything. Fortunately, there’s a great pair of over-the-ear headphones the combines all the best features of AirPods with noise cancellation: the Culture Audio V1 Noise-Cancellation Bluetooth Headphones.These best-in-class active noise-canceling headphones give you perfect audio and crystal clear phone calls. They also have swipe controls so you can easily adjust the volume or skip tracks from the headphones themselves and AptX/AAC low latency technology so you’ll never experience any lag when you’re playing video games or watching TV. And just like AirPods, a built-in smart sensor automatically pauses your music whenever you take the headphones off your head.The Culture Audio V1 Noise-Cancellation Bluetooth Headphones normally cost $200, but you can get them now for just $135, or 32% off.center_img Culture Audio V1 Noise-Cancellation Bluetooth Headphones – $135See Deallast_img read more

Watch: Astronaut Captures Amazing Time-Lapse Video of Earth From ISS

first_img Astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) have the best views of Earth. Have doubts? Just check out a stunning, new time-lapse video of our planet captured by NASA astronaut Nick Hague, who has been aboard the orbiting space station since mid-March.In the amazing video, Expedition 59 crew member Hague squeezed 30 minutes of footage into 60 seconds, capturing views of the Earth from the Pacific to the Atlantic.“Took a moment to capture the beauty of our planet today,” Hague said in a Twitter post shared last week. “I was awestruck as I watched the wispy clouds disappear into the shadows.”In the footage, viewers can see the edge of the ISS, which travels over our planet at a speed of roughly 17,150 mph, meaning it orbits Earth around 16 times every day.Took a moment to capture the beauty of our planet today. I was awestruck as I watched the wispy clouds disappear into the shadows.— Nick Hague (@AstroHague) May 23, 2019Hague is scheduled to remain on the space station until Oct. 3. He is currently joined by NASA colleagues Anne McClain and Christina Koch, Russian cosmonauts Alexey Ovchinin and Oleg Kononenko, and Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques.On May 21, Hague reflected on his first two months in space: “[Two] months into my stay on @Space_Station! What’s it like adjusting to life in space?” he wrote on Twitter. “My back stretched out due to lack of gravity & I’m now 2 inches [5 centimeters] taller, fluid shifts make me feel a bit stuffy, & the tops of my feet now have calluses since we use them like hands on handrails.”More on Incredible Images of Earth from SpaceWatch: This Is the Longest Continuous Time-Lapse Shot From SpaceExplore Our Changing Planet On the Go With Google Earth Timelapse Stay on target NASA Says 2 Asteroids Will Safely Fly By Earth This WeekendScientists Discover Possible Interstellar Visitor last_img read more

NASA Scientists Install HD ‘Eyes’ in Mars 2020 Rover

first_imgStay on target Upon touching down on the Red Planet, NASA’s Mars 2020 rover will launch into a series of tasks—including raising a pair of high-definition cameras.Integrated into the remote sensing mast (RSM), the two Mastcam-Z shooters are multispectral, stereoscopic imaging instruments intended to boost the rover’s driving and core-sampling capabilities.“Mastcam-Z will be the first Mars color camera that can zoom, enabling 3D images at unprecedented resolution,” according to principal investigator Jim Bell of Arizona State University.The technology also enables Earthbound scientists to observe textural, mineralogical, structural, and morphologic details at any location within the rover’s field of view.Any additional details culled from the Martian surface may help NASA piece together the planet’s geologic history.“With a resolution of three-hundredths of an inch in front of the rover and less than 1.5 inches from [more than] 330 feet away, Mastcam-Z images will play a key role in selecting the best possible samples to return from Jezero Crater,” Bell said in a statement.Twin cameras aren’t the only firsts on this mission, though.Mars 2020 will be the first spacecraft with the ability to accurately retarget its point of touchdown during the landing sequence—emphasis mine, because that’s just plain awesome—thanks to the Lander Vision System (LVS).The rover also carries an entirely new suite of instruments, including a caching system that will collect Martian rock and soil samples, then store them on the planet’s surface for retrieval and return to Earth by subsequent missions.The first-of-its-kind mission is scheduled to launch from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in July 2020, and should make a soft touchdown in Jezero Crater on Feb. 18, 2021.More on 2020 Rover Operations Control Center Opens in ItalyNASA Puts Mars 2020 Rover to the TestSend Your Name to Mars Aboard the 2020 Rover NASA Says 2 Asteroids Will Safely Fly By Earth This WeekendScientists Discover Possible Interstellar Visitor last_img read more