Guyanese have lost the right to protect and defend their life and property

first_imgDear Editor,There were two news items in our media that have caused serious concern and vexation in our society – a 56-year-old contractor stabbed and killed a bandit who attacked and tried to rob him of his caged bird. The man was brought before the court and charged with manslaughter and placed on $250,000 bail. It was well reported in every section of the media about this man doing everything humanly possible to escape the pursuit of his attacker whose intention was to rob and kill him.The instinct of fight or flight kicked in and by some stroke of luck, the elder man managed to save his own life by killing the robber. The other incident to mention is the “Pearl Store Owner” who shot and killed one of several bandits that attempted to rob him. These two incidents have two issues in common, robbery with violence with intent to kill and the right to protect one’s life.It is noticeable for quite some time that the hard working people of this country have lost that right to protect and defend their life and property. Evidence of this loss was clearly expressed in both cases mentioned above.These bandits are often being described as quiet church boys who were wrongfully accused whenever caught.  It is heart-wrenching to hear my fellow citizens, especially women, in anguish begging the question; what have we become in this country? Are we to watch criminals take our hard earning and do nothing? Are we to become the sitting ducks to be slaughtered by these bandits? Bandits, thieves and looters have been emboldened in recent time and with more right to ploy their criminality as seen in many instances.Many robbery victims continue to suffer two or more times. They often cut their losses, bury their dead and bitterly struggle to continue surviving. These two men who were supposed to be commended for their bravery and courage were instead charged for manslaughter and murder respectively.  Their only guilt was wanting to save their own lives.The very law that was supposed to protect the law-abiding people of this country have clearly taken the side of criminals.The two cases mentioned above are just examples of hundreds of other cases. These two cases have generated some amount of fear and uneasiness to the extent that many quiet and easy-going persons screaming in anger. Where are we heading in this country is the popular cry.I wish every right thinking Guyanese must raise their voice against injustices meted out to these two gentlemen and all those who have suffered similar fates.As former President Hugh Desmond Hoyte once said, “You have a God-given right to defend and protect your life and property against any aggressor”.Today we have been witnessing more violations of that God-given right.Yours sincerely,C Woolfordlast_img read more