Hellenic Cadastre issues an infogram with easy steps to register Greek property

first_imgThe Hellenic Cadastre was established by the Greek government in an effort to create a complete and consistent real estate property database throughout the country. Finally, through this database both private and public property will be permanently demarcated because, under the current system, tracking down property by location or identifying the owner by name is impossible. Thanks to the new system, there will be reliable and detailed legal and technical info to simplify future property transactions.Declarations to the Hellenic Cadastre must be submitted by each and every property owner or beneficiaries with ownership rights. Declaring property on tax returns is not proof enough of ownership. Please note, property not claimed or registered will eventually be controlled and owned by the Greek government. Even if deadlines in areas where property is located have passed, owners who have not yet registered their rights can still file for late registration by paying a fine, depending on type and value. Information on deadlines and areas subject to registration can be found on the official website of the National Land Registry, at www.ktimatologio.grREAD MORE: Register your Greek property or forever lose your rightsBelow is an infogram simplifying the steps:REMEMBER THE FOLLOWING:Submit the declaration in due time, since it is mandatory, otherwise property owners will need to pay more.Submit the declaration and supporting documents electronically through the new upgraded electronic web service which is user friendly.Provide an e-mail as this is necessary for communication purposes and check details on the interim public presentation of the cadastral data.Forms, brochures, instructions and a list of cadastral service offices can be found at www.ktimatologio.grThose who own more than two agricultural land parcels (in the same local authority before the Kapodistrias Plan) will only pay for two of them (70 euros).If there is no inheritance acceptance act, it is mandatory to submit the following: * If there is a will, the property owners will need to submit the deceased person’s ownership title (if any), the death certificate, a copy of the published will and certifications concerning the ‘non-publication of another will’ and on the ‘non-refusal of inheritance’; * If there is no will, the property owners need to offer the deceased person’s ownership title (if any), the death certificate of the deceased and the certificates of closed relatives, a certificate on the ‘non-publication of another will’ and on the ‘non refusal of the inheritance’. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Ethnic Business Awards Foundation launched in Sydney

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram After more than three decades of the Ethnic Business Awards, the Foundation launched on Wednesday with broad community support and the graces of both sides of politics as a platform towards securing the future of the Awards well into the 21st century.A number of distinguished guests, including the former Federal Coalition Minister for Defence, Christopher Pyne, former Federal Labor Minister for Multicultural Affairs, Kate Lundy and former Australian Governor-General, Major General the Honourable Michael Jeffery all paid tribute to the hard work of Ethnic Business Awards Founder and Chairman, Joseph Assaf AO. Neos Kosmos, as a longtime supporter of the Awards, was one of a few media outlets invited to the launch.Giving their respective addresses, Kate Lundy mentioned the Awards represented “being a unified society at a time when it’s easy, very easy to be divided,” while Christopher Pyne reaffirmed the position that “nothing has been spared to make sure of its success,” comments all of which were met with applause.“I’m humbled,” said Mr Assaf, who founded the annually-held Awards back in 1988.“Society is like an orchestra, different people playing different instruments to produce a symphony, a harmony. This is the family of the awards; the judges, the board members, the nominees…they all together to produce these fantastic awards. Without them there is no harmony.”Guests watched on as a highlights reel looked back at successive prime ministers giving televised addresses at the Awards over the years, with footage of Australian leaders from Scott Morrison and Julia Gillard to John Howard and Paul Keating.Mr Assaf, who was awarded the Order of Australia in 2010 for distinguished service to multiculturalism, was keen to renew his own commitment to the Foundation, telling guests that they give him “the courage to continue doing exactly what every migrant has been doing over the last 50 years or more.“The whole purpose of the Award was to create role models to other migrants.”With three categories, anyone can nominate an eligible business and businesses can self-nominate via www.ethnicbusinessawards.com. Nominations for this year’s Awards close on 5 August.last_img read more

Greek police question last people who saw American scientist Suzanne Eaton alive

first_imgGreek police are investigating the murder of American scientist Suzanne Eaton, 59, who disappeared on Crete on 2 July and was found dead last week.It is believed that the visiting scientist was murdered a short distance from Kolymbari where she started her hike and was later transferred to the cave where she was accidentally found.The coroner’s findings showed blows to both sides of Eaton’s body but it was suffocation that caused her death as the killer probably covered her nose and mouth with their hands. The motive is still unknown, and the possibility of robbery has been ruled out due to the fact that Eaton had nothing of value on her, however the possibility of rape is still open. Due to the decomposition of her body, it will take a week before conclusions can be drawn from the lab results.READ MORE: US scientist Suzanne Eaton’s death in Greece was result of a “criminal act”Genetic material has already been collected from a number of suspects and police also questioned two people who saw the biologist just a few hours before her disappearance.The Daily Mail reports that an 85-year-old farmer and elderly fishermen told police that they saw Eaton in the village of Afrata, about 4.5 km away from the cave where she was found dead. The elderly farmer told the newspaper that he recognised her from the photos and described the clothes she was wearing to the police. “She was walking quickly near the bridge and the chapel on the street outside the village,” he told the Daily Mail. “I met her while I was walking. I’m sorry for what happened to her.”READ MORE: Crete’s police start DNA testing on suspects over death of American scientist found in Nazi bunkerPolice have been sweeping the area in their efforts to find a lead: checking farmhouses, old warehouses, and other areas of interest. THey are also looking at cars and tracing mobile phones of suspects and looking at footage from security cameras.Eaton’s family have been closely following the investigation and left Crete on Saturday morning. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more