Somethings not quite right in the new Westworld trailer

first_imgDetails have been scarce surrounding HBO’s new series Westworld–specifically on how a cult film from the guy behind Jurassic Park can translate into a 10-episode television series–but a new trailer released Monday gives us an idea of how the sci-fi drama is set to play out. It doesn’t look pretty.For those not familiar with the Michael Crichton-penned 1973 film, the trailer unveils just about everything you’d need to know to get started. We get the conceit of a virtual reality world where people go to play out their most sexual and violent desires explained to us by Dr. Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins), along with a little hiccup that seems to cause the artificial intelligence inside the simulator to go rogue.We also get some introductions for some of our characters, including Dolores, a virtual construct played by Evan Rachel Wood, who’s our lead and looks to be putting the pieces together about her origins.Creators  Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy don’t look to be holding back either if the trailer is any indication. For a world filled with sin (and a series on HBO), there’s plenty of violence to go around. In the case of a universe based on the old West, there’s gun battles, horse riding, vast desert landscapes, and cowboys. Combining that with out of control AI, ethical questions surrounding those AI, and corporate dystopian imagery, it looks like an intriguing blend of old world and new. Watch the trailer below to see for yourself.Westworld is set to premiere on October 2.Check out the photos below for more images from the first season of Westworld. (John P. Johnson/HBO)<><>last_img read more

Take Back Control of Your iPhone Battery With iOS 113

first_imgStay on target Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro Have More Cameras, More ProblemsApple Arcade Launches Next Week center_img Apple’s obsession with (pricey) perfectionism makes the company especially vulnerable to public mockery whenever it puts out a less than perfect product. Even a relatively minor blemish can look like a gaping wound on an Apple product. The latest Apple hardware controversy with a dubious amount of merit is the battery throttling issue.It was discovered that as the battery of your iPhone weakens, iOS subtly begins to perform worse to maintain battery life and prevent crashing. On it’s own, this arguably isn’t that big a deal. It’s a feature that may actually help more than harm. But folks didn’t appreciate that technically the phone does get worse without telling them. It feels like a conspiracy to sell more phones. Well, the controversy has been unraveled because the latest iOS update, version 11.3, now lets users manually prevent this dynamic power-throttling.The process is simple. Just go to Settings, Battery, and the Battery Health beta. Here you can turn off the “performance management” feature. Apple will warn against it, but now you at least have a choice. You can also check how your battery is doing in general. If it’s just too weak, it may be time to buy a better one and make the whole power-throttling issue moot. Fortunately, as a result of this controversy, battery replacements are now $29 instead of $79.Even if you couldn’t care less if your battery is weakening your iPhone, there are still reasons to download this update. There’s updated health records functionality. You can more easily text directly with businesses. And iPhone X owners can map their stolen faces onto new animoji characters the bear, dragon, lion, and skull.So for all interested iPhone and iPad owners, iOS 11.3 is available for download now. Snag it and take back control of your battery.last_img read more